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Thousands of deals are happened daily on craigslist tulsa for homes for sale, rentals and car for sale. Craigslist theft warning in urban center

Some shoppers ar turning to Craigslist on Black weekday instead of the looking chaos at stores.

However, police warn any exchange of cash or merchandise ought to be tired public

Police ar yearning for a combine of robbers World Health Organization denote a Craigslist ad for a tv however once the customer showed up there was no T.V. and therefore the suspects scarf his cellular phone and money.

Police advocate you meet in an exceedingly public place like a QuikTrip however make certain you meet nearer to the outside door therefore everybody will see you.

Items like a Playstation is what emptor Scott Arrington bought on Craigslist  pay at a place of business,” says Arrington.

Affordable furnishings to shop for and sell is what Carol Heaton uses on Craigslist.

However, police warn consumers watch out for potential thieves.

 one thing you've got to create a affiliation and that is wherever things will get dangerous,” says urban center police officer Rick Helberg.

Buyers carrying money ar a lot of in danger. Police say the vendor might really be a stealer setting you up.

 pretense to be the vendor, knowing you're conveyance money to them,” says Helberg.

People might create as consumers too and steal from you therefore police advocate you retain sales safe and public.

 I lived and that i met up with him at a QuikTrip,” says Arrington.

Heaton says doing it publically keeps the negative forces away.

Police warn of robbers motility as electronic sellers. One started a deal in an exceedingly parking zone and scarf the potential buyer’s cellular phone and money.
 zone and that they weren't within the mixture of everybody going out,” says Helberg.

Police say meeting at the front of the shop there’s plenty of individuals and if something goes wrong video police investigation will facilitate catch the crooks.

It may be harder if you're commerce or shopping for larger things like a T.V. or furnishings.

Police advocate if you're progressing to build Craigslist deals bonk throughout the day. If you're progressing to develop associate item at a home make certain you bring somebody with you or if you're commerce associate item from your home make certain you retain the customer outside of your home and don't provide out your address till they're on their thanks to develop the item.

Police say a number of the deceitful sellers have disposable cell phones that the phone numbers ar exhausting to trace.

If you meet a merchant or emptor nose to nose and you get scammed you ought to try and keep in mind what they gave the impression of, World Health Organization they were with, their automotive and tag variety. decision police.

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